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About us


The art of good eating

Isabel's kitchen on a disc is the best way to experience traditional Argentinean food with your family, a gastronomic space where each dish is prepared and brought to your table in a properly cured plough disc to give each menu item the unique touch of flavour that only the disc provides.

We are simple cooks, passionate about what we do, where we like to make you feel at home. to welcome you as if you were at home, with abundant dishes to share and the best wines and desserts to accompany an experience you are sure not to forget.

In our restaurants you will enjoy the best service, with warmth, professionalism and that smile of those who love to open the doors of their homes, where everyone is welcome, because in addition to offering the best culinary tour, we have a games room for children, with people in charge of their care and fun.

Isabel's disco cooking is a complete experience.

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